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AR Back in Studio

Boone, NC – Austin Rife and his friends have been working on some of Rife’s newest cuts in studio with student producer Cory Halterman at Appalachian State University.  Rife has been friends with some of the musicians on this album since his freshman year at Appalachian.  AJ Bennett plays the mandolin on the new songs and provides backup vocals.  Josh Mills plays the banjo and does backup vocals as well with Rife cutting the lead vocals and acoustic guitar.  The whole deal came about when Josh told Austin about this student producer that needed projects done for his Production class.  AR said “It’s really expensive to record.  If we’re lucky, we get in studio every 2 years and it’s still a stretch so when we learned of this opportunity with Cory, it was like when do we start?  I wasn’t prepared at all and haven’t written a ton of material since Back For More but we just kind of record as we go.  AJ, Josh, and I have been friends for 3 years but never recorded together so to get the opportunity to record in App’s studio, it’s just awesome.  I’m not sure what we’re going to do with regards to sales and promotion of the music, but that’ll all come.  It’s about the music right now.  That’s how it should be.”  You can check out Rife’s newest single “Lost and Found” at  Sales of the new music will be announced at a later date.