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Rife Adds Show in Boone

Boone, NC – It was announced today Austin Rife would play a show at Appalachian Brewery in his college town of Boone, NC.  The show will be at Appalachian Mountain Brewery on January 19th of 2017.  Rife is in his senior year in college pursuing a marketing degree while trying to keep playing and writing music.  “You know, every show I land in Boone is special because no matter where life takes me, I’ll remember this town.  It will never just disappear out of my life.  I’m so grateful for the owners that have given me a chance to do what I love in this little town.”

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Rife Adds 3 Fall Winery Shows

Abbottstown, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Denny Koontz have added 3 new shows at their hometown Brookmere Winery venue on August 12th, September 24th, and October 15th.  Rife has been with the winery for roughly 4 years and the relationship is as strong today as it was back when it all started.  Rife said, “Brookmere gave me my start.  I played out on their little venue my senior year of high school and we had like 15 people the first time.  Today we’re in a massive barn that can seat 80 and does most nights.  It’s really cool to see how we’ve both grown together and I love this venue dearly.”  Come on out in August, September, and October!


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Green Horizon Grill

Abbottstown, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife will be playing at the Green Horizon Grill at the Bridges Golf Club on Saturday, June 18th.  The Bridges Golf Club is the golf course leader in the Adams County area.  The business recently added a restaurant called the Green Horizon Grill that offers great food, drinks, and local live music for golfers looking to leave the course and relax or casual visitors looking to dine on great food and enjoy an evening of entertainment at one of the most scenic places the area offers.  Rife said, “It’s cool to land another show in my hometown.  People love to just chill out and listen to live music and there isn’t enough of it in our area so when a venue pairs great food with local live entertainment, it’s a hit.  It’s a cool deal when local venues support local artists.”  Rife plays from 7-10PM.  Come on out!

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AR 2015 Year In Review

It was another eventful year for Austin Rife.  He played around 20 shows in 2 states at several new venues.  During the year, Rife added Adams Electric to his schedule.  He played for hundreds of people opening up for the likes of the Backstreet Kids and Kix.  He played for Apple Automotive.  He played a few weddings, which was something he never did before.  He also landed a new brewery in Boone, NC: Appalachian Mountain Brewery.  In addition to these new gigs, Rife released his second original album, “Back For More” on hard cover and digital platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.  Rife’s album got played around 900 times on digital streaming platforms.  Teaming up with the Caskey Group, Rife redesigned his website.  Not everything changed though as the bulk of his schedule was played at his hometown venue, the Brookmere Winery.  He actually ended the year by playing his last show of 2015 to a packed house the day after Christmas at the Winery.  Rife reflected on the year saying, “It was another awesome year.  I have so many people to thank that allow this to happen.  My family and friends are my rock.  They do a lot of stuff that goes unnoticed.  The people that come out to see me might call themselves fans, but I call them friends.  It’s an amazing dynamic.  I’m very blessed and can’t wait to see where 2016 takes us.”  What’s next for this budding young country singer and his people?  That question is yet to be unanswered, but one thing’s for sure; the future looks bright for Rife.

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Country Music and Truck Beds

Hanover, PA – Austin Rife had a pretty full weekend playing in the Adams County area.  Friday night, Austin played to his hometown crowd of about 60 people at the Brookmere Winery in Abbottstown.  Then Saturday, AR headed over to Apple Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to play their 1 year anniversary to a couple hundred people.  “It was a cool weekend.  It’s great to see everybody.  I thought playing on a truck bed was pretty neat.  That deal came together really well and the GM, Mike King, from Apple was a great dude.  We had a full weekend but a great weekend.”  Austin headed back to Boone, NC Monday to continue his schooling at Appalachian State University.  “Sitting on that truck bed killed my back.  I didn’t really think it would have an effect, but I couldn’t walk Sunday night.  It’s healing up good though.  Not sure really why it happened like that, but it was all worth it.  You can’t have a good time without getting hurt once in awhile. ”  Rife will be back in PA to play at the Brookmere Winery again on October 23rd from 7-10 PM.  See you there!

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Beer In Boone

Boone, NC – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Boone, NC craft beer company, Appalachian Mountain Brewery would team up to do a show on Thursday, November 19th from 7:30-10:30 PM.  Rife is an Appalachian State student so playing shows around his college town is something he cherishes.  “We only have so many years here and we want to enjoy it.  I love playing music and I think I built a decent reputation back home.  We’ve tried a lot of places in Boone and haven’t hit that regular winery-type venue, but I’m thrilled that Scott Hinkson from AMB gave me the opportunity.  Beer and country music just seem to go together so I hope there’s a lot of people that come out.”  To check out AMB’s beer offerings and events, visit  See you there!

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Apple Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Hanover, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Apple Automotive’s Dealership, Apple Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram have partnered for the dealership’s 1 year anniversary celebration on Saturday September 26th from 12-3PM.  Rife landed the show through Apple’s Ad Agency, Spot Media Group.  The marketing director at Spot Media, Karen Saxe, ultimately was the one that gave Rife a chance.  “Karen is a great lady.  We’ve worked together in the past and she is a huge influence on me.  Her marketing skills and experiences that she has passed down to me have been very helpful.  I’m so honored to play a show like this.  Apple is the biggest dealership network in our area and it’s cool to partner with an organization of their stature.  I look forward to this show.”  Come on out to Apple Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram for free food, charity endeavors, new vehicle promotions, and great music.  Visit to learn more!  See you there!

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Summer Nights and Red Wine

Abbottstown , PA – Austin Rife played at Brookmere Winery on Friday night to about 50 people.  It was a fun show as Denny Koontz once again kept the beat on the drums.  Austin will be at the winery again on Friday September 25th from 7-10 PM.

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Brookmere Fall Tour


Austin Rife has 4 shows scheduled this late summer and fall with the Brookmere Winery in Abbottstown, PA.  The venue and AR have had a long-lasting relationship that has spanned three years and is going strong as ever.  “I remember when this place first started out and we had one room and about 15 people in Brookmere.  Today, they have a huge barn and many nights the place is packed.  This venue holds a place in our hearts because its really where Denny and I’s live show started.  We went from like 15 family members to as much as 80.  It’s crazy to see how it has grown.”  Rife will play at Brookmere July 31st, September 25th, October 23rd, November 26th, and December 27th.  All shows start at 7 PM.  See you there!

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Moose Park Kix Pre Show

Gettysburg, PA – Austin Rife opened up for Kix this weekend at Moose Park in Gettysburg, PA.  Rife said “It was cool to play with Uncle Denny on a $35,000 stage with sound guys and lights.  We don’t get a chance to do that too often so when we get the chance to work with high end professionals, we take it.  It was a neat setup and we’ll do it again any time.  I have to thank Chris Brown from the Moose for letting me join this lineup. ”  AR will be back in action at his hometown venue, the Brookmere Winery on July 31st.  See you there.

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