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Coming Home

York, PA – It was announced last week that Austin Rife will be returning home upon graduation from college to pursue a career in sales with the Caskey Group in York, PA.  Caskey is a family-owned marketing services organization based out of York, PA.  The company has been by Rife’s side since he was very young.  “I’ve worked for Caskey since I was 13 years old.  It’s all I’ve ever known.  The people are so great and hard-working.  It’s an awesome place to work.”  Caskey has also always been a great partner with Rife’s music as well, creating all of AR’s album artwork/copy, posters,  business cards, and design/analytics of  Austin will continue to play music around Pennsylvania on the weekends as usual.  “It’s tough managing the professional and musical image simultaneously.  One side is so clean and professional; the other is blue-collared and rowdy.  It’s a weird mix, but it’s not impossible.  Both industries have been good to me and I hope that all of it continues in the future.  None of this would be possible without a village of great people.  You can’t do anything worthwhile completely by yourself and whether it’s in marketing or music, success revolves around a good team.”  Rife’s next show will be on Friday May 19th at the Brookmere Winery in Abbottstown, PA from 7-10PM.  See you there!


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