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Live Your Legacy

Hanover, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Legacy Athletic have come together to promote the Legacy Athletic brand through it’s Influencer program.  With this partnership, Legacy becomes the official hat brand of Austin Rife Music.  The singer songwriter’s Appalachian State ‘A’ Old Favorite cap that he’s worn most of his musical career, is made by the Hanover, PA based apparel company.   “It’s pretty cool to work with this company.  I bought and wore Legacy caps way before this deal ever occurred.  It’ll be awesome to help grow this brand and spread the word over social media and at shows.  It’s funny how my old favorite A hat has kind of become the most recognizable symbol of the music.  It’s been on posters and my trailer and now it’s cool to recognize the people behind the hat.  This is the most comfortable hat I’ve ever worn.”  You can check out Legacy at