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New Oxford Carnival

New Oxford, PA – Today, Austin and Denny landed a unique show: the New Oxford Carnival.  The gig came together when Steve Rabine, a member of New Oxford’s United Hook & Ladder #33, showed up to Austin and Denny’s Battlefield Brewery show on a Saturday night.  He was pre-planning his entertainment looking for a different act and had heard these guys had played locally for awhile.  He also had prior connections to Rife’s father, Tony, in previous careers.  Rife said “This is so cool.  In my mind, New Oxford’s premier gig is the Carnival.  We don’t have much in this little town, but we do have the carnival.  Every one here has been to the carnival at least once.  My parents got to know each other at the Carnival.  It’s a special place.  It’s not a huge gig opening up for some big act, but to me it’s special because it’s home.  We’ve traveled a lot with work, school, and music, so to know that your town still feels like your relevant enough to play at their carnival, it’s pretty neat.    It also benefits a great cause in promoting our local first responders.  They have some crazy stories they can tell about saving the community.  I’m really thankful they look out for all 2,300 of us in Abbottstown and New Oxford.”  The show will be on July 10th, 2019 from 7-10:30PM.