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Rife Partners with OmniSound to Record New EP

New Oxford, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife will be heading back into the studio to record a new EP in late 2020. It has been roughly 6 years since the country singer songwriter formally cut any type of record.  In that period of time, Rife did record a few one-off songs while attending Appalachian State in Boone, NC and also did a few acoustic tracks for the Academy of Media Production in Hanover, PA.  This effort will be different though as Rife will be recording with OmniSound Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.  OmniSound is a top rated country studio that cut records with the likes of Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, and other big hitters in the country music industry.  Rife said “This is a really cool opportunity.  It’s been awhile since I cut any type of released record, but we figured if we are going to take the time to do it, why not do it big.  There is no better place to cut country music than the music city.”  Rife had dreamed of cutting songs in Nashville for a long time, but it has finally become a reality.  The 25 year old New Oxford native will be recording an all original 5 song EP.  “My goal is to write and release songs that reach out and touch people; to write songs that speak to the common man.  With Lee and the folks at OmniSound, I think we will be able to do just that in a radio quality format.”  Rife will be heading down to Nashville to record in September of 2020.  Stay tuned for updates!

To learn more about OmniSound Studios, visit

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New Show. Old Ties.

Spring Grove, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife has landed a show with the Spring Grove VFW Post 5265.  Rife landed the opportunity from playing previous shows at the East Berlin VFW.  “This is an awesome organization that lifts up service men and women.  When I corresponded with Tina, it was cool to hear the word spread from one post to the next.  Really honored to play for these good folks.”  Rife will be playing at the Spring Grove VFW on Friday July 12th from 7-10PM. VFW Members and guests of members are welcome.  If you would like to become a VFW member, visit today.  See you there!

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Bring On 2019

New Oxford, PA – It will be another busy year for everyone in and around our crew of family and friends.  2018 provided a lot of great memories that I will cherish.  Thank you everyone for still supporting what Denny and I do.  I’m crazy grateful to have you all in my life.  In 2019, it will be business as usual for Denny and I.  So far, we have shows booked monthly at familiar venues like Green Horizon, Brookmere, Altland House, Adams Electric, and others.  We’re excited to be a part of Gettysburg Rocks this year as well as the New Oxford Carnival.  It will be awesome to party with you all in 2019.  Let’s hope the Maker’s doesn’t leave too big of a Mark!  We look forward to seeing you all at shows and around town.  Take care.

Love y’all.


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New Oxford Carnival

New Oxford, PA – Today, Austin and Denny landed a unique show: the New Oxford Carnival.  The gig came together when Steve Rabine, a member of New Oxford’s United Hook & Ladder #33, showed up to Austin and Denny’s Battlefield Brewery show on a Saturday night.  He was pre-planning his entertainment looking for a different act and had heard these guys had played locally for awhile.  He also had prior connections to Rife’s father, Tony, in previous careers.  Rife said “This is so cool.  In my mind, New Oxford’s premier gig is the Carnival.  We don’t have much in this little town, but we do have the carnival.  Every one here has been to the carnival at least once.  My parents got to know each other at the Carnival.  It’s a special place.  It’s not a huge gig opening up for some big act, but to me it’s special because it’s home.  We’ve traveled a lot with work, school, and music, so to know that your town still feels like your relevant enough to play at their carnival, it’s pretty neat.    It also benefits a great cause in promoting our local first responders.  They have some crazy stories they can tell about saving the community.  I’m really thankful they look out for all 2,300 of us in Abbottstown and New Oxford.”  The show will be on July 10th, 2019 from 7-10:30PM.

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Gettysburg, PA – Austin has landed a show at Battlefield Brew Works in Gettysburg, PA on August 25th from 7 -10PM.  Battlefield offers 10 rotating craft beers and 5 spirits.  This business also is historically significant.  The barn was actually used as one of the largest confederate hospitals of the time during the Battle of Gettysburg.  “This show makes a lot of sense.  It’s close to home.  There’s a lot of cool history.  There’s also beer involved.  I think my people will really like this new venue.  It should be a lot fun.” Rife said.  Uncle Denny Koontz will also be there as usual to provide the beat.  Be sure to check out for all new venue updates!

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First Time

East Berlin, PA – Austin Rife has landed his first Thanksgiving Eve show at the East Berlin VFW.  Playing on Thanksgiving Eve is one of the rarest opportunities for a local musician due to crowds that flock to bars before turkey day.  Some studies show that attendance is actually higher on Thanksgiving Eve at bars/restaurants than on New Years Eve.  So, when Rife a musician of now almost 13 years was asked to play his first Thanksgiving Eve gig, he was… to put it mildly….pretty pumped.  “Tony from the VFW is a great guy.  The board over there consists of some awesome people.   They let us play a gigs on our schedule.  That’s rare.  It was one of those deals where they asked which nights I wanted to play until the end of 2017 and I gently threw the line out for Thanksgiving Eve  just hoping they didn’t have some massive band booked.  They gave it to me and it’s awesome.  I’ve done a fair amount of shows, but never on the biggest night of the year.  Bring it on!”  Rife will be at the East Berlin VFW on Wednesday November 22nd from 8-11PM.  The show will be a public event so non-members are welcome.  Come on out!

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Live Your Legacy

Hanover, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Legacy Athletic have come together to promote the Legacy Athletic brand through it’s Influencer program.  With this partnership, Legacy becomes the official hat brand of Austin Rife Music.  The singer songwriter’s Appalachian State ‘A’ Old Favorite cap that he’s worn most of his musical career, is made by the Hanover, PA based apparel company.   “It’s pretty cool to work with this company.  I bought and wore Legacy caps way before this deal ever occurred.  It’ll be awesome to help grow this brand and spread the word over social media and at shows.  It’s funny how my old favorite A hat has kind of become the most recognizable symbol of the music.  It’s been on posters and my trailer and now it’s cool to recognize the people behind the hat.  This is the most comfortable hat I’ve ever worn.”  You can check out Legacy at

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Coming Home

York, PA – It was announced last week that Austin Rife will be returning home upon graduation from college to pursue a career in sales with the Caskey Group in York, PA.  Caskey is a family-owned marketing services organization based out of York, PA.  The company has been by Rife’s side since he was very young.  “I’ve worked for Caskey since I was 13 years old.  It’s all I’ve ever known.  The people are so great and hard-working.  It’s an awesome place to work.”  Caskey has also always been a great partner with Rife’s music as well, creating all of AR’s album artwork/copy, posters,  business cards, and design/analytics of  Austin will continue to play music around Pennsylvania on the weekends as usual.  “It’s tough managing the professional and musical image simultaneously.  One side is so clean and professional; the other is blue-collared and rowdy.  It’s a weird mix, but it’s not impossible.  Both industries have been good to me and I hope that all of it continues in the future.  None of this would be possible without a village of great people.  You can’t do anything worthwhile completely by yourself and whether it’s in marketing or music, success revolves around a good team.”  Rife’s next show will be on Friday May 19th at the Brookmere Winery in Abbottstown, PA from 7-10PM.  See you there!


To learn more about Caskey Group, visit

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East Berlin VFW

East Berlin, PA – Austin Rife and the East Berlin VFW Post 8896 will team up for a show on Saturday April 15th, 2017 from 8-11 PM.  The deal came together this past weekend while Rife was home from North Carolina playing a show in Harrisburg, PA.  Rife said “You know, it’s crazy.  Sometimes you work so hard to book shows sending emails and what not and can never figure it out.  And then there’s deals like this where someone you know believes in you and it falls in your lap.  Carla Hoffman is a great lady who gave me a chance in putting a good word in at a meeting to put this deal together.  I have the utmost respect for all of the people in this organization who have fought in the service or support the veterans.  It’s an honor to team up with this organization.”

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Adams Electric

Gettysburg, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Adams Electric have renewed their partnership for the 22 year-old New Oxford native to be the entertainment for Adam’s Electric’s annual event held on May 20th, 2017 from 10AM-2PM.  The event will be held again at the Gettysburg Middle School Building.  This is the third year the two entities have joined hands in creating a successful event for all of Adams Electric’s Members.  Rife said Monday “This is a cool event every year.  Kami Noel and everyone at Adams Electric has always treated my family and I like gold.  They are some of the best partners a musician can ask for and I was really happy to see this deal come together again.  There are very few companies out there that respect their customers or members like Adams Electric does.  To put on an event annually purely out of good will to their members, it really says something about this organization.”  It will be a busy weekend for the AR crew as Rife has two other shows booked that weekend, the first being on Friday May 19th at the Brookmere Winery and the third being at the Altland House May 20th after the Adams Electric event.  To learn more about Adams Electric and the benefits they provide, visit today!

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