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Summer Nights and Red Wine

Abbottstown , PA – Austin Rife played at Brookmere Winery on Friday night to about 50 people.  It was a fun show as Denny Koontz once again kept the beat on the drums.  Austin will be at the winery again on Friday September 25th from 7-10 PM.

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Brookmere Fall Tour


Austin Rife has 4 shows scheduled this late summer and fall with the Brookmere Winery in Abbottstown, PA.  The venue and AR have had a long-lasting relationship that has spanned three years and is going strong as ever.  “I remember when this place first started out and we had one room and about 15 people in Brookmere.  Today, they have a huge barn and many nights the place is packed.  This venue holds a place in our hearts because its really where Denny and I’s live show started.  We went from like 15 family members to as much as 80.  It’s crazy to see how it has grown.”  Rife will play at Brookmere July 31st, September 25th, October 23rd, November 26th, and December 27th.  All shows start at 7 PM.  See you there!

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Moose Park Kix Pre Show

Gettysburg, PA – Austin Rife opened up for Kix this weekend at Moose Park in Gettysburg, PA.  Rife said “It was cool to play with Uncle Denny on a $35,000 stage with sound guys and lights.  We don’t get a chance to do that too often so when we get the chance to work with high end professionals, we take it.  It was a neat setup and we’ll do it again any time.  I have to thank Chris Brown from the Moose for letting me join this lineup. ”  AR will be back in action at his hometown venue, the Brookmere Winery on July 31st.  See you there.

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Rain or Shine

Gettysburg, PA – Austin Rife played at the Adam’s Electric 75th Anniversary Banquet at the Gettysburg High School this past weekend.  Although heavy rain forced the event to go indoors, people came out by the hundreds to learn about the company’s diverse history and to eat lunch.  Rife was invited to play in the auditorium and gladly agreed.  Austin was pleased with the whole event, “We’ve been working on this event for 4 months and although it rained, it was cool for it to come together as good as it did.  This is a great company and they treated me really well.  I’m not used to people carrying my stuff or putting me to the front of the line for lunch.  The employees of Adam’s Electric were a joy to partner with.”  Rife will be back on stage in Gettysburg at Moose Park for the Kix Pre Show on July 10th.

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AR’s First Moose Show

McSherrystown, PA – Austin Rife played his first ever show at a Moose Lodge in McSherrstown, PA this past Friday.  “The place was packed and I love the atmosphere of this place.  It just has a cool community feel to it, ” Rife said.    Rife played from 7-11 PM and the crowd of about 125 people were really into it throughout the night.  “It was a great night and I hope to do it again in the near future.”  Rife’s next show will be at the Adams Electric Anniversary event on June 27th.

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Welcome to the new!

Welcome to the new official home of! As you can see some things have changed, but with Caskey Group/Martin Design running the website, it will be more secure and easy to manage. You can now buy Austin’s brand new album, “Back For More” by clicking the “Shop” tab. So check out the website, give suggestions and feedback, and visit often because there is always something going on in the AR camp!

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It’s My Party

Gettysburg, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife would be opening at 3 PM on Friday, July 10th for the Trailer Park Cowboys and the Razorbacks for the Kix pre show at Moose Park in Gettysburg, PA. This show is expected to be a big hit with its date falling on Gettysburg bike week coupled with the regional fame of the rock band, Kix headlining the night after. Austin was really excited when he learned of this opportunity, “I can’t believe it. Two huge shows in a matter of months. They’re expecting 15,000 people on Saturday night so Friday could still be big. Before these shows, I had never played a show where you needed a ticket to get in. This is a really freaking cool opportunity.” AR will be among elite company with many big bands such as the Trailer Park Cowboys, the Razozbacks, Don’t Tell, Back Street Kids, Big Jack, and of course Kix. Tickets are $15 at the gate on Friday and $30 dollars on Saturday. Tickets can also be purchased online at See you there!

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Rivers Street Ale House

Boone, NC – Austin Rife and Capella, North Carolina native, AJ Bennett have landed a show to play at Rivers Street Ale House at 957 Rivers Street Boone, NC 28608 on Saturday, January 31st from 10:30 PM until 1:30 AM. This sports bar and craft ale house just opened up at the beginning of the year and is looking to make waves in the Boone community with its excellent service and unique selection of beer and food. When asked Aus said, “Man, it’s so cool to play in our college town because we’re only going to be here so long at school and Boone is so unique. AJ is a great musician and we look forward to raising some hell with the locals and students in this awesome little place. It’s going to be a blast.” This will be the duo’s fourth show together. If you are in the area, come on out!

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Rife Opens For Back Street Kids

Gettysburg, PA – It was officially announced today that Austin Rife will open up for the Back Street Kids at the Pre New Years Eve Bash held at the Allstar Family Fun and Sports Complex in Gettysburg, PA on December 27, 2014 from 5-11 PM. This is a comeback show for the famous local rock band that opened up for the likes of Kix, Bon Jovi, and Foghat in the 80’s. Back Street Kids always brings a crowd when they play and are expecting to bring around 1000 people to Gettysburg in Decemeber. This show benefits fallen officer David Kennedy, Jr to honor all police officers, first-responders, and military. Austin will be one of the special guests of the night to open for the Back Street Kids in addition to Cierra Kennedy and Soul R System. Aus said Thursday, “I am thrilled to play this show. This is probably one of the biggest things I’ve ever gotten the opportunity to do. Jace (Austin’s guitar teacher and mentor who is the lead guitarist for the band) has always told me about how much fun his band had in the good old days and I can’t thank him enough for referring me to do this. I am so honored and hope a ton of people come out. This is the first show I’ve played that people have to buy tickets to get into which is pretty cool. ” Tickets for the show can be purchased for $20.00 at Link’s Music in Hanover, PA ( or Caskey Group in York, PA ( Ticket proceeds go to benefit children of fallen police officers, first-responders, and military.

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Rife Joins BMI

Boone, NC – Today, Austin Rife became an official songwriting member of Broadcast Music, Inc. BMI is a performing rights agency that protects songwriters’ original works from theft by seeking out royalties for the artists when their music is being used. When a company illegally uses a BMI member’s work, BMI uses its legal powers to step in to protect the songwriter. Rife said, “It’s really cool to join one of these organizations because you know they have your back. I’ve been told there are a lot of crooks in this industry and even though I’m not a superstar, my songs are my passion and with BMI they aren’t going to be taken from me. This is a cool organization and I’m proud that they accepted me to be a part of it.” To learn more about BMI and how it protects its members, visit

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