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Rife To Play Town Tavern

Boone, NC – Austin Rife has landed a new show in Boone, NC at the Town Tavern on October 10th from 6 to 9 PM. It’s been six months since Rife played in his little college town where he studies marketing at Appalachian State University. Rife went back to his home in New Oxford, PA in May to record his second original album and see family and friends. He later returned this fall as a sophomore in college and started asking around in Boone to see where he could play. This week, Rife received an email back from Susan Higsby, the owner of a quaint little bar and grill near the university called Town Tavern. Higsby and Rife agreed on a Friday night October 10th show from 6-9 PM with more dates at the venue coming soon. Rife said on Friday, “I’m really excited to play in Boone again. I love this university and love this town and am so thrilled to be able to play at the Town Tavern.” See you there!

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Rife Back In Studio

After three years and much success with Days Gone By, Austin Rife is headed back in studio to record his second original album. Rife has written around 50 songs for this record to cut 12 of them. Rife will again be in studio at Ted E. Bear Productions in York, PA accompanied by producer, Jeff Hassinger and coproducer/lead guitarist, Jace Hyde. Rife said about the new album, “This new record is going to push the limits of the music and the genre. We don’t want to sound like anybody else. We just want to be us and if that gets outside of the general guidelines of country music, that’s fine. I’m so blessed and grateful to have people around me that care about the music as much as I do. I wrote the songs, but these 2 guys help me make them come alive. I think this is the best I got right now and I’m pumped to put it in front of people.” Stay tuned for more information regarding the album including the name and release date of the record as it comes available!

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Strings Attached

Austin Rife recently joined forces with Stokes County, North Carolina Native AJ Bennett to form a duo under the name, Strings Attached. Austin and AJ met in Boone, North Carolina while attending Appalachian State University this year. The two quickly hit it off and started playing music together in the first semester of both their freshmen years. AJ is a very good multi-talented musician and vocalist playing guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, bass, and pretty much any other instrument he can get his hands on. AJ and Aus came up with the name, “Strings Attached” after a song that will debut on Austin’s album which he is set to record this summer. Strings Attached made their first appearance at The Rock Sports Bar and Grill in Boone, NC on Friday, February 21st and will play another show in New Oxford, PA on Friday, March 7th at the Brookmere Winery. Look for Bennett laying down tracks and vocals on Austin’s next album. See you in Froggy Hollow!

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Country For A Cure

New Oxford, PA – Breast cancer is a terrible disease. It takes peoples’ lives every day and something needs to be done. Well, after losing her daughter to the affliction, Doris Krichten decided she had enough. So, Doris decided to hold a benefit and start an annual event in New Oxford in memory of her daughter to help fight the disease. This event was called Angels of Hope and country singers Lindsey Erin and Austin Rife played for the people that came to show their support. It was a fun show and Austin played 2 half hour sets and even picked up a new groupie, Kyra Wentz(left)!

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(Boone, NC – a little mountain town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains where Austin will be attending college at Appalachian State University this fall)

The only thing in life that seems to be constant is change. This couldn’t be any more true for Austin Rife as he leaves his little town of New Oxford, PA where he has played so many shows to attend college at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. It will be a huge adjustment for many as his monthly shows at Brookmere Winery will have to take a backseat until December when he comes home on Christmas break. Austin said, “I’m going to miss the people. They made me who I am and I won’t ever forget anyone that I’ve met here.” Austin will play 2 shows on his final weekend in New Oxford. His first show will be on Friday, August 9th from 6-9PM at Brookmere Winery and his second on Sunday, August 11th at Hampton Diner’s Open House from 11 AM to 1 PM. When asked why he picked the college that was 8 hours from home he said, “I have four years to go wherever I want to get a marketing degree and I probably will never have this opportunity again in life. As you age, you get married, have kids and you can’t just leave whenever you feel like it. I feel like the south is a great place and being in the mountains will help me write songs. I love my family and whenever I can get back to PA on breaks, I definitely will.” Just because Austin is leaving for awhile doesn’t mean he will be going away forever as he is scheduled on Friday, December 20th again at Brookmere Winery. When asked how he thinks the crowd will be on his last show for five months on Friday night, he said, “It will be touchy for sure. I’ll miss Friday nights in Brookmere but I’ll be back.”

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Hometown, Big Crowd

(Photo Credit – Brooke Lookenbill)

New Oxford, PA – A couple weeks ago, the coordinator for the organization, Collaborating for Youth, Sam Slusser, approached Austin with a mission. She told him about how her club had supported a better future for young people. She also told him about how the theme for her organization was “Who’s looking out for me?,” and the only thing they needed was a song that showed the club’s mission. So, Aus went home late that night and wrote the song appropriately named “I Got Your Back” in a matter of an hour. Then this week, he debuted the song at the New Oxford High School Pep Rally for the 1200 students at the school. Everyone seemed to enjoy the song as the crowd began to clap along to the beat of Rife’s music and lyrics. It was a great mission for a great cause and both parties enjoyed working together a lot. AR plays again at the Brookmere Winery on Friday, April 26th. See you there!

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A Teacher’s Wisdom

New Oxford, PA – Every good thing starts out as something small. A little kid doesn’t just become a pro the first time he hops on a bike. It takes time and the story between these two guys is no different. When an 11 year old Austin Rife walked into Jace Hyde’s guitar teaching studio in January of 2005, he had no idea what would become of it. On that day Austin took his first lesson, he found out what he loved. 8 years later, Jace has molded Austin to becoming a good artist and good entertainer. Jace has been not only a great teacher but also a great friend in Austin’s life as you can still find these two on Monday nights take their 30 minute lesson and then talk about life for an hour. As you know, Jace played lead guitar and coproduced Austin’s latest album, “Days Gone By” while really contributing and helping make the album what it is. However on this night, Jace walked into the Brookmere Winery, got a glass of wine and shot the bull with the people in the crowd while watching a young kid playing some live music at the local venue in Adams County. You could tell he enjoyed watching the young kid that learned everything from him as he had a certain smile on his face. Aus saw Jace walk in and immediately wanted him to play lead for a couple songs so he introduced his teacher to the crowd. Then about a half hour later, Jace got up in front with Aus, grabbed a guitar, and did what he does best.

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Kicking Off Ox Fall Fest

New Oxford, PA – The New Oxford Fall Fest was kicked off last night by Austin as he played 5 songs to get the crowd pumped up for the parade. It was a fun crowd as many showed up to see the various floats, teams and, cars to celebrate the fall season. Thank you everybody for coming out! (Photo Courtesy of S-J Roth Photography)

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Opening Night At York Fair

York, PA – The Fall Days Gone By Release Tour kicked off last night as Austin played at the York Fair Heritage Hall. Austin’s new album, “Days Gone By”, was released yesterday as well and what better way to release a CD then to play at the Fair! Many people came out for the opening day festivities at America’s oldest fair. There was great food, fun games, dollar admission, and tons of free entertainment. Austin was honored when he was asked to play the 2 dates for the fair because he was among elite company as Nashville recording artist, JT Hodges, graced the 107.7 WGTY Free Stage and up and coming radio country band Parmalee, were in the Sports Bar. Austin played a 45 minute set and had about 40 people there for the show. He plays again at the Fair next Friday in the Heritage Hall at 7 PM. So if you missed the first show, you still have another chance. See you at the Fair!

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“Days Gone By” – Behind the Music: Jace Hyde

Lead Guitarist Jace Hyde is one of the best guitarists in the area and has added so much to “Days Gone By.” Jace has opened up for the likes of Bon Jovi, Foghat, Poison, Kix and many others. In this album, Jace brings to the table anything from a hard rock solo right out of the 80’s that can make the hair stand up on your back to a pretty little folk country lick that’ll bring a tear to your eye. Overall, Jace is the whole package which is exactly why he was picked to play on this album.

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