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Pennsylina Tour 2017

New Oxford, PA – Austin Rife will start his first tour in 2017 called the Pennsylina Tour 2017.  It will be a busy spring for the 22 year old singer songwriter as he will be playing 11 shows in 2 states across 6 months all while finishing up his marketing degree at Appalachian State University.  The tour’s total driving distance is estimated around 5,500 miles at the six venues between Boone, NC where Rife goes to school and the PA area.  “It’s going to be crazy this spring.  I’ve played a fair amount of shows in the past, but when we got together with some venues, we put a bunch of consecutive shows together and figured to name it a tour.  I came up with Pennsylina because it truly fuses two of my favorite states together, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  The shows are booked in PA and North Carolina, so it just makes sense.  It should be fun to play these dates and we’re grateful for the venues giving me these opportunities.”  The Pennsylina Tour will start January 6th at the McSherrystown Moose in McSherrystown, PA and span until June 23rd at the Altland House in Abbottstown, PA with two shows booked at Appalachian Mountain Brewery in Boone, NC.  The tour’s extended dates will be announced at a later date.