News - posted on March 3, 2016 by

Rife Adds 3 Fall Winery Shows

Abbottstown, PA – It was announced today that Austin Rife and Denny Koontz have added 3 new shows at their hometown Brookmere Winery venue on August 12th, September 24th, and October 15th.  Rife has been with the winery for roughly 4 years and the relationship is as strong today as it was back when it all started.  Rife said, “Brookmere gave me my start.  I played out on their little venue my senior year of high school and we had like 15 people the first time.  Today we’re in a massive barn that can seat 80 and does most nights.  It’s really cool to see how we’ve both grown together and I love this venue dearly.”  Come on out in August, September, and October!