Austin Rife

Born in the small town of New Oxford, Pennsylvania, Austin Rife was raised on traditional country music. Upon his Grandfather, Jim Rife’s passing in 2004, he picked up his guitar and learned to play. Austin’s grandfather not only passed down the gift of song, but also the gift of songwriting to him. Although Austin never played a song with his Grandfather, he lives with him on stage every night and continues to carry Jim’s legacy. He released his first fully original record Back for More in 2013 while attending Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. North Carolina gave Austin hybrid roots that extended into bluegrass, folk, and non-traditional country. Although Rife is a modern country singer songwriter, his roots help to shape the music he writes. In early 2020, Austin reached a deal with OmniSound Studios in Nashville to independently release his new 5 song EP Gasoline. Gasoline takes the listener on a roller coaster with rowdy tunes like “The Makers” and “Mason Jar” while also bringing humor to a breakup in “Leave my Dog.” Rife brings heartfelt rootsy emotion with a touch of romance to songs like “Small Towns are Home” and “Starting a Fire.” Gasoline will release to the public in late January 2021.